The hottest home listings in Brooklyn, Iowa

And other Brooklyns around the globe.

February 21, 2020 Alex Williamson
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Good news for anyone tempted to take Borough President Eric Adams’s advice and go back to Iowa, but crestfallen at the prospect of leaving Brooklyn: You don’t have to choose.

There are plenty of other municipalities named Brooklyn — from the Dutch word “Breukelen,” meaning “broken land” — around the globe, as nearby as Michigan and as far away as Australia. And, as it happens, many of these alternative Brooklyns have a wide selection of real estate for sale or for rent, some at a relatively affordable price point.

If you’re contemplating a move, here are some homes currently on the market in other Brooklyns that you may want to consider:

Brooklyn, Michigan

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Photo: Google Street View.
  • 1 bd., 1ba.
  • Rent: $575/month
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 625 mi.
  • Amenities: Porch pumpkins. Steps from Dollar General.

This one-bed, one-bath apartment is located within a 3-unit building in Brooklyn, Mich., just a 45-minute drive from Ann Arbor. The listing, while sparse, describes the interior of the unit as “remodeled and nice.” Sold.

Brooklyn, Indiana:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 2 bd., 1 ba.
  • Sale price: $86,825
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 735 mi.
  • Amenities: A loyal hound, probably.

This 984-sq. foot single-family home was built in 1908. Assuming you have around $17,000 in the bank to drop on a 20 percent down payment, you can expect to pay around $338 monthly, excluding property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. And that includes a ready-made “American Gothic” Instagram backdrop.

Brooklyn, Iowa:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 5 bd., 3 ba.
  • Sale price: $389,000
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 1,048.8 mi.
  • Amenities: A big lake.

This 5-bedroom house in Brooklyn, Iowa, about an hour west of Cedar Rapids, boasts a two-car garage, a finished basement and multiple decks offering stunning views of Holiday Lake. Assuming a monthly mortgage payment of $2,049 (Zillow’s estimate), and that, true to your Brooklyn, NY roots, you’d fill each of those five bedrooms with a roommate, you can expect to pay $409 a month.

Brooklyn, Wisconsin:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 3 bd., 3 ba.
  • Sale price: $450,000
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 935 mi.
  • Amenities: Space. So much space.

What’s important to remember about this property is that, while $450,000 may seem high for Wisconsin, this 9.48-acre farmstead is a money maker. Nearly six of those acres are tillable. The septic system is new and the farmhouse has three bedrooms, so your $2,624-a-month mortgage payment should be no sweat, assuming you can find two sturdy roommates who know how to drive a tractor.

Brooklyn, New South Wales, Australia

  • 3 bd., 1 ba.
  • Sale price: $920,000 to $970,000 Australian Dollars ($609,592 – $642,722 USD)
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 9,929 mi.
  • Amenities: A sun-drenched patio. Koalas.

This three-bedroom home in New South Wales, Australia is not only located in the sleepy coastal town of Brooklyn, but it’s just a short jaunt from Long Island, a peninsula jutting out directly across the Hawkesbury River from the waterside parcel. The estimated monthly payment is $2,658 in USD, or $886 per bedroom.

Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Photo: Sotheby’s Realty
  • 5 bd., 3.5 ba.
  • Sale price: 5.650.000 € or $6,107,448
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 3,656 mi.
  • Amenities: Universal healthcare.

While this 18-acre Dutch estate is admittedly a splurge, it is located alongside the river Vecht, offers a fireplace in the foyer and boasts a large, multi-room outbuilding.

You can’t find that in Brooklyn!

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