The hottest home listings in Brooklyn, Iowa

And other Brooklyns around the globe.

February 21, 2020 Alex Williamson

Good news for anyone tempted to take Borough President Eric Adams’s advice and go back to Iowa, but crestfallen at the prospect of leaving Brooklyn: You don’t have to choose.

There are plenty of other municipalities named Brooklyn — from the Dutch word “Breukelen,” meaning “broken land” — around the globe, as nearby as Michigan and as far away as Australia. And, as it happens, many of these alternative Brooklyns have a wide selection of real estate for sale or for rent, some at a relatively affordable price point.

If you’re contemplating a move, here are some homes currently on the market in other Brooklyns that you may want to consider:

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Brooklyn, Michigan

Photo: Google Street View.
  • 1 bd., 1ba.
  • Rent: $575/month
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 625 mi.
  • Amenities: Porch pumpkins. Steps from Dollar General.

This one-bed, one-bath apartment is located within a 3-unit building in Brooklyn, Mich., just a 45-minute drive from Ann Arbor. The listing, while sparse, describes the interior of the unit as “remodeled and nice.” Sold.

Brooklyn, Indiana:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 2 bd., 1 ba.
  • Sale price: $86,825
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 735 mi.
  • Amenities: A loyal hound, probably.

This 984-sq. foot single-family home was built in 1908. Assuming you have around $17,000 in the bank to drop on a 20 percent down payment, you can expect to pay around $338 monthly, excluding property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. And that includes a ready-made “American Gothic” Instagram backdrop.

Brooklyn, Iowa:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 5 bd., 3 ba.
  • Sale price: $389,000
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 1,048.8 mi.
  • Amenities: A big lake.

This 5-bedroom house in Brooklyn, Iowa, about an hour west of Cedar Rapids, boasts a two-car garage, a finished basement and multiple decks offering stunning views of Holiday Lake. Assuming a monthly mortgage payment of $2,049 (Zillow’s estimate), and that, true to your Brooklyn, NY roots, you’d fill each of those five bedrooms with a roommate, you can expect to pay $409 a month.

Brooklyn, Wisconsin:

Photo: Zillow.
  • 3 bd., 3 ba.
  • Sale price: $450,000
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 935 mi.
  • Amenities: Space. So much space.

What’s important to remember about this property is that, while $450,000 may seem high for Wisconsin, this 9.48-acre farmstead is a money maker. Nearly six of those acres are tillable. The septic system is new and the farmhouse has three bedrooms, so your $2,624-a-month mortgage payment should be no sweat, assuming you can find two sturdy roommates who know how to drive a tractor.

Brooklyn, New South Wales, Australia

  • 3 bd., 1 ba.
  • Sale price: $920,000 to $970,000 Australian Dollars ($609,592 – $642,722 USD)
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 9,929 mi.
  • Amenities: A sun-drenched patio. Koalas.

This three-bedroom home in New South Wales, Australia is not only located in the sleepy coastal town of Brooklyn, but it’s just a short jaunt from Long Island, a peninsula jutting out directly across the Hawkesbury River from the waterside parcel. The estimated monthly payment is $2,658 in USD, or $886 per bedroom.

Breukelen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Photo: Sotheby’s Realty
  • 5 bd., 3.5 ba.
  • Sale price: 5.650.000 € or $6,107,448
  • Distance from Brooklyn, NY: 3,656 mi.
  • Amenities: Universal healthcare.

While this 18-acre Dutch estate is admittedly a splurge, it is located alongside the river Vecht, offers a fireplace in the foyer and boasts a large, multi-room outbuilding.

You can’t find that in Brooklyn!

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