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Brooklyn Today: In Greenpoint, a bath tub in the living room

November 22, 2019 Brooklyn Today
As you step onto the sand, you get an eyeful of the Parachute Jump, one of Coney Island’s distinctive amusement-park landmarks. Eagle photo by Lore Croghan
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THE LEDE: Happy Friday! So you just moved into your new one-bedroom apartment in Greenpoint. You’re paying $1,750 in rent, but hey, at least there are bars nearby, and good food and retail. There’s just one issue: that bathtub in the middle of the living room.

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~ OVERTURNING A BROOKLYN MAN’S 2006 MURDER CONVICTION COULD COME DOWN TO HIS HAIRCUT: A Brooklyn judge is mulling over whether or not to overturn a man’s 2006 murder conviction — and his innocence could depend on a haircut he had more than a decade ago.

~ GREENPOINT LISTING ADVERTISES A TUB IN THE LIVING ROOM — BUT WHAT TO DO WITH IT?: To the future tenant: Here’s how you can work with that bathtub instead of around it.

~ SPOONS AND TUNES: 10 THINGS TO DO IN BROOKLYN THIS WEEKEND: This weekend’s events are all about feeling young again. Whether you want to dance like a teenager at an all-night warehouse party, listen to bluegrass like a young adult or eat cereal and watch cartoons on Saturday morning like a child, there’s something for all ages.

~ BUSHWICK ARTISTS IMAGINE A ‘FEMALE JOKER’ IN NEW SHOW: The Joker is really having a moment, and a couple of Bushwick-based artists are aiming to capitalize on the buzz this Saturday while taking the character in a more feminine direction.

~ FIRST BUS NETWORK WORKSHOP REVEALS DIVIDE BETWEEN YOUNG AND OLD RIDERS: At Brooklyn’s first public Brooklyn bus route redesign workshop in Fort Greene Wednesday night, a divide emerged between the needs of older and younger riders.

~ REZONING RETROSPECTIVE: ACTIVISTS LOOK BACK ON THE BATTLE FOR THE NORTH BROOKLYN WATERFRONT: Members of the coalition that were on the front lines of the 2005 rezoning negotiations in Greenpoint and Williamsburg gathered at the Brooklyn Historical Society on Tuesday to remember the “battle for the waterfront.”

~ THREE INDICTED FOR MANSLAUGHTER OVER 2018 CONSTRUCTION WORKER DEATH: The operator of a construction company and two other men were indicted on manslaughter charges Thursday over the 2018 death of a construction worker who was crushed by a falling wall at an unsafe work site, the Brooklyn district attorney announced.

~ OPINION: WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT TRAFFIC DEATHS: “Death and injuries due to traffic crashes is a global problem that hurts individuals and families from every religion, race, ethnicity, and economic status,” write our columnists.


~ “Could New York City eliminate free street parking?” (NYT)

~ Commercial rent “stabilization” is scaring realtors. (New York Post)

~ The city took the first step toward tearing down the Brooklyn House of Detention. (Patch)


READ: “What Joe Biden can’t bring himself to say” (The Atlantic)

EAT: Here are the 12 best restaurant openings in New York City this year, including three in Brooklyn. (Thrillist)

CARTOON: reinterpretation of The Last Supper. (The Week)

~ LIVE: Here’s a comprehensive guide on surviving the holidays. (NYT)


3rd Annual Sip and Shop: You are cordially invited to enjoy a day of sipping and shopping with your favorite brands on the iconic New York City street. Discounts and giveaways will be available to patrons of the street! Shop Bleecker ‘Sip and Shop’ this weekend Nov. 23! SPONSORED


6:30PM – 8:30PM — Green-Wood at Night at Green-Wood Cemetery. Details.

7:00PM – 9:00PM — “Person Place Thing” Featuring Jennifer Egan at The Center for Fiction. Details.

8:00PM — Ballet Hispánico at the Apollo Theater. Details.


In 1954, the Brooklyn Eagle reported, “The Dodgers didn’t select any players today in the baseball draft meeting at the Hotel Biltmore but lost two outfielders, Roberto Clemente and Glen Gorbous, from their Montreal farm.”

Boris JohnsonDonald Trump and Vladimir Putin are turned into Matryoshka dolls on a recent cover of The New European.

Prince Andrew’s friendship with Epstein joins a list of royal scandals” (NYT)

Should Kyrie Irving be booed when he returns to Boston? (NESN)


Happy birthday to Jamie Lee Curtis, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Harry Edwards, Billie Jean King, Guion Bluford, Jr., Mads Mikkelsen, Richard Kind, Terry Gilliam, Mariel Hemingway, Tom Conti and Boris Becker!

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