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These are the presidential candidates getting the most donors in Brooklyn

October 22, 2019 Kelly Mena
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The presidential election is more than a year away — but neighborhoods across Brooklyn and beyond are already drawing the lines (and reaching for their wallets) when it comes to their pick in the now-crowded field of options.

A recent analysis from real estate data portal RentHop ranked presidential contenders — President Donald Trump and the 19 Democratic primary candidates in the race to replace him — by unique donors (meaning an individual donor is counted only once, regardless of how many contributions she has made) across the city’s ZIP codes.

At the top of the leaderboard in Brooklyn is Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, with 1,348 unique donors across 20 Brooklyn ZIP codes, according to the report.

The most individual donations for the 78-year-old senator came from Williamsburg — representing 81 donations and $21,644 raised. The neighborhood is currently represented at the state level by State Sen. Julia Salazar, a Democratic socialist in the same vein as Sanders who has given him her endorsement.

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Sanders is the leader in terms of unique donors in more than half of the borough’s ZIP codes, including in key neighborhoods that voted in a progressive slate of state lawmakers in November 2018, such as Greenpoint, Bushwick and Crown Heights.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is in a close second with 1,072 donors. Warren is the candidate with the most unique donors in Prospect Heights, DUMBO, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

Significantly behind is Mayor Peter Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, with 512 donors. Trump has 437 donors, and Sen. Kamala Harris has 431.

New Jersey Sen. Corey Booker, though not in the top five overall, is the candidate with the most unique donors in Flatbush at 18 donors.

Trump leads in individual donors in 11 ZIP codes, all of which are located in southern Brooklyn. Trump-leaning neighborhoods include Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, Borough Park, Sheepshead Bay and Seagate. The area, up until recently, was represented by Republican State Sen. Marty Golden for nearly two decades and covers Republican Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis’ district.

The report also found Trump leading unique donors in East New York, but of only three unique donors — two of whom donated to Trump. Sanders still received the most money in the neighborhood: $275 from one donor.

“Some people may donate multiple times before hitting the contribution limits, and that could potentially inflate the numbers. For instance, Sen. Sanders receives on average 130,000 recurring monthly donation pledges, and this doesn’t really reflect the number of voters he has attracted,” said Nina Furseth, a spokesperson for RentHop.

The report is based on data from the 2020 presidential campaign finance filed with the Federal Election Commission. The FEC releases the fundraising data on a quarterly basis, and the most recent dataset was released on Oct 16th, according to Furseth.

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  1. ANYONE who thinks socialist policies will lift their economic lives or help them to prosper is a useful idiot. Never in the history of socialism has it lifted any people/country out of poverty. (latest example: Venezuela. In FACT, socialism literally destroys lives, business, wealth, countries. AOC & her band of supporters are useful idiots for their OWN demise. AOC/socialists/democrats/Leftists want government to rule over every aspect of your daily life. Just HOW does that put the “People” in power over their own choices/lives/businesses? It doesn’t. Join #WalkAway Campaign Movement. Watch their testimonials on youtube.
    btw: MAGA policies ARE lifting ALL Americans; that’s NOT racist. USA has the LOWEST unemployment for Blacks & Hispanics in over 45 years; 60 year low for unemployment for women ! THIS IS HISTORIC. MAGA policies are proven to lift all people economically. Just because you don’t like tweets by our president doesn’t mean his policies aren’t working. They are. Socialist policies will destroy lives, our healthcare, businesses, tech, research for new drugs to help people with health problems. Government running anything does NOT improve that anything. It only makes it worse. That’s a fact.

    • America has a fundamental misunderstanding about social welfare, social democracy, social legislation, socialism. Socialism is not to be joked about. It means the workers own the means of production. In practical terms, that has come to mean the workers’ proxy: government. (Marx would not like this.) This shift, universal as it seems, may be inevitable. It is bad. Government control of everything would be like everyone living in Gowanus Houses and having to ride the G, L, or J train every day. No thanks. Social democracy, though, as practiced in Germany and the Nordic countries, has government, capitalists, and workers all working together to solve common problems, primarily identifying markets and trends. It works pretty well there, and I don’t see a whole lot of people from those countries appealing for asylum here.

      • Germany? Where the masses of “immigrants” have infiltrated the country to its complete downfall? Yeah, that socialist democracy still stinks. btw: do you really think the democrats/Left today would “work together to solve common problems, identify markets & trends”. You sound like you got those claptrap talking points down! No thanks!