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Brooklyn Marathon will close these streets on Saturday

October 17, 2019 Sara Bosworth
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On Saturday, thousands of runners (including me, hi!) will run for hours through part of Brooklyn, beginning west on Eastern Parkway, down Washington Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Parkside Avenue and Ocean Parkway, before turning back north and running around (and around and around and around and around…) Prospect Park.

That’s right, dear readers, it’s the Brooklyn Marathon. Crowds will turn out to complete the 26.2-mile and 13.1-mile marathon and half marathon routes, all in the name of… fun? Masochism? Bragging rights? I’m one of the runners, and I can’t even tell you. (Just kidding, it’s for the bragging rights.)

Runners will begin at Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue at 7 a.m. and end in the southwestern part of the park… sometime later.

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Anyway, these are the streets that will be closed for the duration of the event, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Oct. 19.

Outside Prospect Park:

  • Eastern Parkway between Flatbush Avenue and Kingston Avenue
  • Washington Avenue between Eastern Parkway and Empire Boulevard
  • Empire Boulevard between Washington Avenue and Flatbush Avenue
  • Ocean Avenue between Flatbush Avenue and Parkside Avenue
  • Parkside Avenue between Ocean Avenue and Park Circle

Inside Prospect Park: 

  • West Drive between East Drive and Center Drive
  • South Lake Drive between West Lake Drive and East Lake Drive
  • East Drive between South Lake Drive and West Drive
  • Center Drive between East Drive and West Drive
  • Park Circle between South Lake Drive and Ocean Parkway Entrance Ramp
  • Ocean Parkway between Ocean Parkway Entrance Ramp and Quentin Road
The marathon course map. Image via Brooklyn Marathon

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