Jurors see crime scene photos of 2016 murder of rookie Rikers guard

September 23, 2019 Noah Goldberg
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A Brooklyn jury saw graphic crime scene photos Monday of the 2016 execution-style murder of a rookie Rikers Island guard who was killed in her car before heading to the jail complex for a night shift.

Alastasia Bryan had just left the home she shared with her mother and sister in Canarsie on Dec. 4, 2016, when her ex-boyfriend Keon Richmond — who had been tracking her movements for days — walked up alongside her car and shot her five times, killing her, prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors brought photos of the bullet-ridden car into evidence Monday during a trial in front of Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun as part of their case against Richmond. The photos depicted Bryan’s car window with five bullet holes, as well as her lifeless body inside the car, slumped over the passenger side. Her purse is on the passenger’s seat, as is her charging iPhone.

Some of Bryan’s family members attending the trial held their heads in their hands as the photos were shown. One relative left the courtroom.

Less than an hour after the murder, the license plate of the car Richmond was allegedly driving was captured leaving Queens on the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge.

Using video cameras, the MTA captures video footage of license plates and tollbooths as well as footage that can show drivers inside of their vehicles on all of the city’s bridges and tunnels, an MTA official testified Monday.

Defense attorney Gregory Watts questioned the MTA witness on whether or not the agency had footage showing the face of the car’s driver.

“There’s a camera that captures the person or driver in the vehicle is that correct?” Watts asked.

“Correct,” answered MTA media control specialist William Matthews.

But Matthews was unable to answer when Watts asked if the MTA had footage of the driver’s face in this instance.

“Did you download any videos of the drivers face?”

“I couldn’t tell you,” Matthews answered.


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