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Snapple tackles the Big Apple — and it’s crapple

August 13, 2019 Meaghan McGoldrick
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Welcome to the Big Snapple.

The soft drink company, born in Brooklyn in 1982, is spending the summer paying tribute to its home state (and to New Jersey, for some reason).

Earlier this month, Snapple unveiled a limited-edition line of “Boroughs & Burbs” bottles, which, instead of carrying any prominent label indicating which borough or ’burb they’re referring to, are laden with cartoons that look like the result of someone inside the Texas headquarters spending 15 minutes Googling “things in [insert borough or ’burb here].”

A spokesperson for the company told the Brooklyn Eagle that, while borough residents did not weigh in on the label artwork, each was made over to depict major landmarks and reference “distinct aspects” of each location.

Image courtesy of Snapple

Brooklyn’s — found on Snapple’s Lemon Tea bottles — is called “When Life Gives You Lemons, Fuhgeddaboutit.” Its artwork seems to center on Coney Island (where lemons are… not really a thing).

The back of the label portrays the iconic Coney Island Parachute Jump, a carousel (Jane’s? B&B? Drinker’s choice?) and the words “A Flavor Wonder” in Wonder-Wheel-style lights. A mustache (a nod to the Williamsburg hipster?) and a heavy gold chain with a dollar sign pendant (…?) grace the front — as does the phrase: “SLICE OF THE CONCRETE JUNGLE.”

The new bottles are only available for purchase in New York and New Jersey. The ‘Boroughs & Burbs’ labels can be found across the seven top-selling Snapple flavors, which also include Kiwi Strawberry for Staten Island (“Woo! Tangy Kiwi and Strawberry”), Peach Tea for Manhattan (“Empire Peach”), Snapple Apple for Queens (“Hard-Core Apple”), Orangeade for the Bronx (“Orange B-Boy”), Diet Peach Tea for Long Island (“Peach on the Beach”) and Fruit Punch for New Jersey (“Punch it Up”).

Customers are encouraged to collect them all — but not by us.

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