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How to get drunk on Free Slurpee Day

Four Brooklyn bartenders told us how they would cocktail-ify this year's free flavor. Why? No good reason.

July 11, 2019 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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It’s the sweetest day of the summer: Free Slurpee Day at 7-Eleven.

Each year, the international convenience store chain celebrates its birthday (and name day) by giving away free small Slurpees on July 11 (ahem, 7/11 — get it?). The holiday, formally called “7-Eleven Day” by the franchise, is celebrated from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (yes, the nameplay continues), while supplies last.

Though it’s no “Bring Your Own Cup Day,” we here at the Brooklyn Eagle found a way you can still manage to overindulge. We thought those sugary frozen drinks might taste a little better with some added booze, so we asked some Brooklyn bartenders what they’d do with this month’s featured Slurpee flavor — Blueberry Lemonade — so you, loyal reader, could try it for yourself. We take no responsibility for your hangover.

(An added treat: our mixologists have come up with the names themselves.)

Blue Balls

A bartender who works at Lemon’s Rooftop at Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg told the Eagle she’d enhance the citrus-y side of the Slurpee by adding some… you guessed it… lemon juice. She said she’d top it off with just a dash of simple syrup and some vodka or gin (drinker’s choice!).

Maliblueberry Lemonade

“Throw it out,” was Red White and Brew bartender Sully’s knee-jerk response.

After some reflection, the Bay Ridge drink-slinger told the Eagle he thought a Blueberry Lemonade Slurpee would pair best with Malibu, a coconutty rum used in drinks like the Bay Breeze.

But, if it were his drink, he’d throw some Red Stag in a Coke-flavored Slurpee and call it a day.

“You can quote me on that,” he said.

The Rum Royal

A bartender at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Gowanus also said he’d add simple syrup to the mix (to level out the tart lemonade flavor) — and a good, dark rum (as opposed to a clear one like Malibu). A little Bacardi Gold, perhaps?

The Blue Lagoon

“That stuff is basically already an out-of-proportion sour,” said Ian Browning, general manager of both Walter Foods in Williamsburg and Karasu in Fort Greene. “I’d add gin, because it’s dry, and some fresh lemon to help get the sweetness back in order.”

As for the name, Browning told the Eagle, “I’d call it the Blue Lagoon, after the movie, because you’d have to struggle to survive this, too.”

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