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The firm of a recently jailed P.I. is offering ‘services of trained private detective’

June 25, 2019 Noah Goldberg
Vincent Parco and one of his lawyers, Peter Gleason, arrive in Brooklyn Supreme Court on Thursday. Eagle photo by Noah Goldberg.
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Disgraced P.I. Vincent Parco’s firm is offering investigative services to the people of Queens and Brooklyn, according to a press release — despite its founder being locked up at Brooklyn Detention Complex for promoting prostitution, unlawful surveillance and dissemination of unlawful surveillance for work he did as an investigator.

Parco was sentenced on June 14, but that didn’t stop a press release signed by Vincent Parco P.I. Investigative Group from going out just four days later, offering the “Services of Trained Private Detective in Queens and Brooklyn NY.” It does not specifically say that that detective would be Parco himself.

Parco was found guilty in May of promoting prostitution and unlawful surveillance for enticing a man into having sex with prostitutes at a Sunset Park hotel — and then surreptitiously recording the sex acts. Parco was hired by Samuel Israel, since convicted of sexual abuse, and the recording was of his victim’s husband — made in an attempt to dissuade the victim from testifying. (In order to protect the identity of the victim, the Brooklyn Eagle is withholding the name of the victim and her husband.)

Parco was paid $17,000 to do the dirty work.

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Despite his one- to three-year sentence in that case, as well as his notoriety for selling a silencer and a gun to the Fatal Attraction killer back in the ’80s, the press release describes his group as “well respected,” “well known,” “trusted” and “renowned.”

The press release.

The press release linked to Parco’s website, on which he is the only listed employee, and included his group’s phone number at the bottom.

“Vincent Parco, in fact, worked in this field for more than three long decades,” the press release says.

“This agency has been founded by Vincent Parco, who has over the years being (sic) invited to several famous talk shows to provide expert insights when it comes to investigation. The shows Vincent Parco P.I. has been to include internationally renowned and high ones, such as Oprah and 60 Minutes.”

Parco’s lawyer, Peter Gleason, insisted his client had nothing to do with the press release. “He’s incarcerated so how could send that out? He’s in the Brooklyn House of Detention right now, so how in the world could he send that out?” Gleason asked.

Parco’s daughter, Danielle Parco, who is also a private investigator, was reached by the phone number at the bottom of the press release. She would not confirm or deny that she sent out the release, and directed all questions back to Gleason.

The firm Vincent Parco P.I. Investigative Group is not listed as licensed on a state database, but Parco & Associates Inc. is listed as a licensed private investigator through Oct. 5.

This article was updated on June 26 at 1:30 p.m.

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  1. Happy camper

    Hopefully old Vinny is nice and cozy in his prison cell, couldn’t have happened to a nicer human being, they do say KARMA is a biotch!!! He’s getting his, just wondering who will get theirs next? Nasty games played by a group of low life creeps, the “trio”-I am sure there will be more to come, popcorn time lol..