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Your guide to Brooklyn’s judicial elections

June 24, 2019 Noah Goldberg
Voter turnout was light at noontime at the Urban Assembly School at 283 Adams St. in Downtown Brooklyn. Photo by Mary Frost
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Brooklyn Democrats will head to the polls tomorrow to vote on three judicial seats, including two countywide races: the Surrogate’s Court and the Civil Court.

It’s the first June primary after lawmakers decided to bump up the dates for state races, and without any headline-grabbing contests it risks a record-low turnout. But these seats are important — and we’ve put together what you need to know to do your part.

First off: don’t know where to vote? Find your polling site here.

Check out the coverage the Brooklyn Eagle has of the upcoming elections, so that on Tuesday, you’re vote is not just counted, but also informed.

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What is Surrogate’s Court?

The Democratic primary is on June 25. Eagle file photo by Ned Berke
Eagle file photo by Ned Berke

If you’re wondering: What is Surrogate’s Court? 

Read: Why surrogate judges matter

The race is on for one of the two judgeships at Brooklyn’s Surrogate’s Court. That’s the court that handles disputes over estates when Brooklynites tragically meet their maker. The court also handles adoptions. The current incumbent, Margarita López Torres, is the favorite, raking in endorsements from Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, Borough President Eric Adams, as well as the left-leaning Working Families Party.


Who am I voting for?

A polling center staff member waits to give out stickers to people who have cast their vote on Nov. 6 in Brooklyn. AP Photo/Wong Maye-E
AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

If you’re wondering: Who’s on my ballot?

Read: Meet the candidates in Brooklyn’s judicial elections

Stressed out that you don’t know anything about the candidates running for office? Get to know their personal stories a little better with these brief profiles.

What do they stand for?

The primary is coming up on June 25.
Image via Pexels

If you’re wondering: What do these people stand for? 

Read: Brooklyn judicial candidates debate the issues

More importantly, where do the candidates stand on the issues and where do they differ?

Who’s donating to the campaigns?

Image via Pexels

If you’re wondering: Where is the money coming from?

Read: Estate lawyers flood Surrogate’s Court race with campaign contributions

In the race for Surrogate’s Court judge, the Brooklyn Eagle looked into how much money the three candidates had raised from estate lawyers who practice before the court. Our findings showed a significant percentage of money raised by two candidates came from estate lawyers, and some lawyers even donated to multiple candidates.


Happy voting!

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