Williamsburg roommates hire cleaning service, return to find drunken chaos

October 3, 2018 By Sara Bosworth Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Woodhull Hospital. Image © 2018 Google Maps photo
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When Williamsburg resident Kristen Nepomuceno, 28, hired a cleaning company to tidy up the home she shares with her roommate, she did not expect to return home to find the woman tasked with the housework passed out drunk on the kitchen floor. The spice rack was smashed, the marble coffee table was upended, the liquor was half-drunk — even the ice cream had vanished, reports the New York Post.

Nepomuceno’s roommate, Genevieve Snow, let two employees of the cleaning company into the apartment in the morning, leaving the $180 fee and a $60 tip behind. Just a few hours later, Nepomuceno returned to find one woman sprawled barefoot on the floor, the other nowhere to be found, and an apartment in chaos. She called the police, and when they got back, the maid had awoken and was eating ice cream on the couch, according to the Post.

The police brought the drunk woman to the Woodhull Hospital, and told the roommates they should take the case to civil court, since the cleaners hadn’t committed any crimes.

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