See Brooklyn Bridge Park in its summer splendor

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June 27, 2018 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Lower Manhattan looks especially great in the early morning from Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Eagle photos by Lore Croghan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Brooklyn Bridge Park is an Instagram mecca.

Some of the spots in this mecca that are most popular with photographers are kinda crowded now that summer’s here.

One hot spot is at the edge of the water on Pier 1, near the area where NYC Ferry riders line up to wait for boat arrivals. Photos taken there capture iconic views of the World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan’s skyline, the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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We’ve been trying to figure out the optimal times to take pictures on Pier 1 during the summer. We discovered an ideal moment — if you don’t mind getting out of bed early on a weekend. It’s 7:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The ferry’s commuter crowds are absent. Most people are getting ready for church or sleeping after Saturday night revelry. You’ll have Pier 1 pretty much to yourself. The stillness is deeply calming.

You should check weather reports beforehand — because if you’re giving up the opportunity to sleep late, you should be rewarded by getting to see what early-morning sunlight looks like on the East River. It adds a silvery sheen to the beloved World Trade Center and other Lower Manhattan skyscrapers.

The entire Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking pretty great now that it’s summer, no matter what time of day it is or what part of its acreage you visit.

Fulton Ferry Landing’s historic fireboat house, which is used by the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, is always an eye-catcher.

So is Jane’s Carousel.  

The pebbly beach near the Manhattan Bridge is inviting, even when bright afternoon sun makes photos taken there less than perfect.

At day’s end, you should head back to Pier 1. Between 7:15 p.m. and 7:45 p.m., various spots along its shoreline afford views of Lower Manhattan’s skyscrapers framing the blazing sun as it drops towards the horizon.

The towers are like an urban version of Stonehenge.


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