Heroes honored at ‘Police and Firefighter Awards’

May 2, 2018 Victoria Merlino
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The Bay Ridge Community Council (BRCC) honored heroes of the community at its annual “Police and Firefighter Awards” on April 24, giving recognition to those who have served the community, or in the case of some, have almost given their lives for it.

“The BRCC has been doing this for quite many years. It is with our honor and pleasure to give these awards to well-deserved civil servants,” said Ralph Succar, president of the BRCC.

Among those honored were two firefighters, a high schooler who is a Police Explorer, a police officer and an auxiliary police officer.

Firefighters Dominic DiBiase and Christopher Rossi were honored for their heroics on June 6, 2017, when they entered the basement of a burning building to save a mother and her two children. Both of them credited the Fire Academy that prepared them, and both had only graduated the academy roughly a month and a half before the fire.

Brianna Ramos, the Police Explorer, attends Telecommunications High School. Police Exploring is a program for young adults to explore a career in law enforcement, a career path Ramos wants to pursue. She has completed over 150 community service hours, and loves helping and serving people in the community.

Felix Flobil lives in Long Island, but travels to the 68th Precinct in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights to help the department as an auxiliary police officer. He has served more than 2,000 hours with the department, and was honored for his service to the community.

Police Officer Justin Douglas was also honored as Police Officer of the Year, making over 140 arrests, with some of them notable, in 2017.

“They are people that service the community and give their lives to the community [and] should be honored,” said Succar on why he thinks it is important for the BRCC to honor police and firefighters.

The awards are given out based on the honorees’ accomplishments and service, and recommendations by their departments and superiors.

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