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Major crimes are up in the 84th Precinct, executive officer says

April 20, 2018 By Edward King Special to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle
From left: Inspector Christine Bastendbeck, Officer of the Month Jason Cruz with his wife and daughter, Transit Captain Zahid Miller, Executive Officer Tyrice Miller, and Mark Gelbs.
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Crime is up in Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn’s 84th Precinct.

Executive Officer Tyrice Miller broke the bad news of increases in  felony assaults, burglaries, rape and misdemeanor sex crimes at this week’s Precinct Community Council meeting.

“Most of these felony assaults, harming someone with an instrument or physical force with your hands, are domestic violence,” Miller said. “Fifteen of them domestic, eight against police officers, three strangulations, and one assault.

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“With that being said, there was eight arrests pertaining to a police officer, three strangulations, and one assault arrest,” Miller continued. “We don’t understand why these felony assaults are spiking so much.”

Over the last 28 days, there have been 27 reported felony assaults compared to 11 during the same time period last year, a 145% increase. There have been seven burglaries in the 28-day period, compared to three in the same time span last year.

On the plus side, robberies, grand larceny, grand larceny auto, and petit larceny are down in the same period compared to a year ago. These are typically major problems in an area that includes two major shopping areas, Fulton Street and Montague Street.



This month, the 84th Precinct Community Council honored Officer Jason Cruz of the Anti-Crime transit division for doing just that, nabbing a public masturbator in the act on March 15. The assailant remains behind bars, unable to make bail.

“Fantastic job by Jason and a fantastic job by his team,” said NYPD Transit Captain Zahid Williams. “Thank you.”

Cops say that public masturbation on trains has been a problem for decades — one that is hard to solve because of the need to catch criminals in the act before they can flee.


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