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Former NYPD detectives accused of rape inch closer to trial

Lawyers discuss affair between prosecutor and defendant

April 5, 2018 By Paul Frangipane Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Supporters for the woman accusing two former detectives of raping her stand outside Brooklyn Supreme Court. Eagle photo by Paul Frangipane
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The 19-year-old calling out two former NYPD detectives for allegedly taking turns raping her while she was handcuffed in their patrol car faced her accused attackers in court on Thursday leading up to their trial date.

The victim, who goes by the social media alias Anna Chambers, said that seeing former Detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall “was disgusting.”

“I’m not going to show them that it hurts me,” Chambers told reporters. “I’m going to be here every single time.”

Brooklyn Supreme Court was abuzz with Chambers’ supporters, who boasted a sign outside the court entrance reading, “ANNA CHAMBERS, WE BELIEVE YOU.”

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While the lawyers originally intended to set a trial date, a delay in prosecutors producing evidence to the defense pushed that back. The judge ordered June 28 to pick a “firm” trial date.

Attorney for Hall Peter Guadagnino, also brought up a March 30 letter from prosecutors that showed one of the office’s junior assistant district attorneys was having an affair with the cop before and after his arrest.

While the prosecutor is not assigned to this case and the office will not use any information about the affair in this prosecution, Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun requested all information to make sure none is used.

Chambers’ attorney Michael David told reporters outside the courtroom that if he finds out the accused prosecutor had anything to do with the investigation, he will call for a special prosecutor.

The case has gained international attention since Chambers spoke out about the Sept. 15, 2017 rape.

The once Brooklyn South Narcotics cops pulled over Chambers and her friends by Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend just after 8 p.m., prosecutors allege. When they found marijuana in their car, the cops handcuffed Chambers and told her friends to pick her up from the 60th Precinct in three hours.

Calling him and his partner, “freaks,” Martins, 37, allegedly raped the handcuffed then 18-year-old in the back seat of their van while Hall, 33, watched and drove. They are then accused of pulling over and switching positions before Hall allegedly raped her too.

When she was released and taken to Maimonides Hospital, a rape kit found the detectives’ DNA, according to court documents.

The detectives said the act was consensual and both men resigned from NYPD before a departmental trial.

The accusation raised issue about a legal loophole that was closed in New York last week when legislators made it illegal for police officers to have sex with their prisoners.

Still, David said he hopes the action spreads to the more than 30 other states in the country that have not addressed the loophole.

David holds onto a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against NYPD and the city in federal court.

Martins and Hall are charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping and other related counts, facing up to 25 years in prison if convicted.

Martins is out on $250,000 bail and Hall is out on $150,000.

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