Menchaca sworn in for second term as councilmember for Sunset, Red Hook

January 17, 2018 Jaime DeJesus
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It’s a new beginning for Councilmember Carlos Menchaca and the 38th Council District.

Menchaca who defeated his most formidable competitor in Assemblymember Felix Ortiz during the September primary, was sworn in for his second term as councilmember of the district — which spans from Sunset Park through Red Hook — on Sunday, January 14 at Sunset Park High School, 153 35th Street.

Residents of the district, family and others watched on as Menchaca and other elected officials discussed the victory, the current state of the neighborhoods he serves, and their future.

“All of you make this neighborhood complete,” Menchaca said. “We are a model of what makes New York City so great because we are rich with incredible families that speak so many languages and have so many different cultural experiences and skills and dreamers who dream every single day. I’ve made it a mission in the work that I do as an elected representative to change the relationship between you and government.”

The re-elected councilmember recapped his accomplishments over the years, from ID NYC now serving two million people, to legislation with City Council colleagues that protects tenants and provides legal services, to six new schools being built in the district, and more.

“I could not have worked in this successful way without direct help from you,” he said. Currently being fought, he added, is the battle to “keep out the condos from the developers and speculators that are trying to turn our waterfront both in Red Hook and Sunset Park into the next local waterfront district.”

Senator Chuck Schumer was in attendance to congratulate Menchaca.

“It’s a great day for this 38th District,” he said, also taking a shot at President Donald Trump. “This district isn’t looking for a handout. They’re just looking for equal chance, opportunity, a good education, nice parks and safe streets and all the things that would give them a chance to move up. So many in this district are what’s great about America. Hear this, Donald Trump? Immigrants. That’s what’s great about America.”

“Carlos, your re-election Is a powerful symbol of how our city continues to evolve to better ideals of inclusiveness and diversity,” added Congressmember Nydia Velazquez. “It is a powerful message to Donald Trump that in New York we reject his vision of a hateful, small-minded and cold-hearted America. Carlos’s election is not about his personal background. It is about being a part of wave of young, progressive, committed new leaders who wanted to bring change to our communities and empower us.”

Velazquez brought up the Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX), jobs and affordable housing as examples of those vital issues.

“This man is the type of councilman we need more than ever, someone with a steely backbone that will speak truth to power, someone who isn’t afraid of the consequences and will serve the interests of his district and his district alone,” said Public Advocate Letitia James. “I come here today to stand by Menchaca to celebrate legacy of Dr. King that the dream live on. It lives through the DNA and spirit of this man who is going to represent this district proudly and loudly, and will do with distinction.”

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