Borough Hall poll workers make fashion statement

November 8, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Borough Hall poll workers make a fashion statement with matching leopard print apparel. Photo courtesy of Meredith Hamilton
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Voters going to the polls on Tuesday usually encountered helper poll workers who directed them to the correct tables to pick up ballots and patiently answered their questions.

But the poll workers at Borough Hall did more than just assist voters. They made a fashion statement!

Voter Meredith Hamilton told the Brooklyn Eagle her tale of an unexpectedly delightful trip to her polling place on Election Day.

It seems all of the female poll workers had something in common: They were all wearing leopard prints.

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“I had a wonderful experience voting tonight and thought I would share the images and story. I felt that someone should laud our voting workers and volunteers,” Hamilton told the Eagle via email Tuesday night. 

Hamilton arrived at Borough Hall to cast her vote at 8:42 p.m. 

“I noticed, as I once again asked of the front desk workers what my district number was, that there was a lot of leopard print in their apparel. It flickered across my very visual brain briefly. I was focused on voting, though. I picked up my ballot from my district table, and yet again noticed a hint of leopard print on someone’s leg. As I went to scan in my filled in ballot, there was another frisson of leopard print,” she recalled.

Dying of curiosity, Hamilton felt compelled to ask the poll workers about their attire.

It turned out that the poll workers had not coordinated their Election Day wardrobes. “To my utter delight, it was emphatically not pre-planned,” Hamilton said, calling it “random synergy.”

Hamilton added, “Perhaps women who contribute to the voting process wear power prints? If so, I am all in.”​

Hamilton was so delighted that she filmed a video of her favorite poll workers.

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