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Brooklyn Today August 16: Inside Brooklyn’s ‘Sex House’

August 16, 2017 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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THE LEDE: Happy hump day, Brooklyn! Ex-DA Charles Hynes is being sued, we break down the Nets’ must-watch games, and our bodies will dissolve when we die in the future. We go inside Brooklyn’s “Sex House,” there’s a white moose in Sweden, and Guam’s tourism is up five percent despite Kim Jong-un’s threats. Plus, did you know Russia once owned a Northern California town? Lastly, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will start for the Cyclones tonightin Coney Island.
IMPRINT: Ashley Graham graces the latest cover of New York Magazine in head-to-toe cheetah print.
The Rundown
~CITI BIKE OPENS NEW FLAGSHIP FACILITY IN GOWANUS: With Citi Bike stations seemingly appearing on a new corner every week, and with 10,000 blue bikes already on the streets, it’s no secret that the bike sharing service is immensely popular in New York. The program continues to see record ridership each year with more than 10 million rides in 2015 and 14 million rides in 2016. On July 26, Citi Bike set a new daily record for 70,286 rides. And with Citi Bike’s headquarters located in Sunset Park and a new flagship operations facility opening in Gowanus yesterday, Brooklyn has slowly but surely become the heart and soul of the citywide bike-sharing program. The new 16,000-square-foot facility will employ 450 people. “I call for expansion of Citi Bike to every corner of New York City,” said Councilmember Carlos Menchaca. “At a time when other transit options are failing, Citi Bike has proven how alternate means of travel can benefit both congested and transit starved areas.” (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~INSIDE BROOKLYN’S SEX HOUSE: There’s a sex library, the walls are draped in photos of naked women, leather whips and penis-shaped alcohol bottles litter the floor around a hanging sex swing. This is what you can expect inside Hacienda Villa, a three-story Brooklyn brownstone or “sex house” with its 14-bedroom sex den for exhibitionist tenants. There’s a long waiting list to become one of the 14 people who pay $850 a month to live an open-sex lifestyle that includes consensual romantic relationships with multiple partners. “It’s like the real version of the show ‘Friends’ – plus sex,” said one resident who goes by the name Ryan. Surprisingly, housemates can’t have sex with each other in order to avoid drama, but there are plenty of sex parties with outsiders. If you’re looking for a nice 14-bedroom apartment on a sun-drenched block in the heart of rustic Brooklyn — with a caveat or two — this is the place for you! (via NYP)
~JUDGE CANDIDATE FILES LAWSUIT ON EX-DA: Brooklyn civil court judge candidate John O’Hara is filing a federal lawsuitagainst ex-DA Charles Hynes for his wrongful voter fraud prosecution. O’Hara says Hynes used his staff to convict him after O’Hara became enemies with the Brooklyn Democratic Machine. O’Hara’s law license was revoked and he served 1,500 community service hours with $20,000 in fines. “For John, we are looking to hold Joe Hynes accountable for his decades of abuse of power as the most powerful political person in Brooklyn politics,” O’Hara’s lawyer Dennis Kelly said. O’Hara is one of 23 people exonerated from the Hynes’ administration, and while some exonerees have taken to activism against the legal machine, O’Hara intends to strike Hynes from within. (via the Daily News)
~HOW TO VIEW THE SOLAR ECLIPSE IN BROOKLYN: Eclipse mania is building across the country, and though New Yorkers will not experience the full eclipse, we won’t be left out. On Monday, expect the sidewalks to be filled with bespectacled spectators staring up past the skyscrapers and luxury towers to catch a glimpse of one of nature’s most awesome occurrences. The catch? You must wear special ISO-approved eclipse glasses to watch the event. Looking directly at the sun when it is not 100 percent blocked by the moon can damage the retinas of your eyes before you even have a chance to turn away. Many approved glasses vendors have already sold out, however. We have dug into where you might find the special specs online and in stores, and other important eclipse-watching advice.(via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
~THE NETS’ MUST-WATCH GAMES THIS SEASON: Despite watching their team go a combined 41-123 over the past two seasons, including an NBA-worst 20-62 last year, Brooklyn Netsfans are still clamoring for the 2017-18 campaign, which kicks off onOct. 18 at Indiana and begins here in our fair borough on Oct. 20 vs. Orlando. The Downtown Brooklyn-based franchise released its full schedule for the upcoming campaign Monday, and we break downthe must-see games on the corners of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, as well as some of the more interesting road matchups, including an historic two-game trip to Mexico. (via the Brooklyn Daily Eagle)
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NATIONAL BULLETIN: A jury rules in favor of Taylor Swift in her groping trial…Here’s a look inside Brooklyn’s “Sex House” for swingers…And Russia once owned a town in Northern California.(via CNN, NYP and NYT)
FOREIGN FLASH: white moose in Sweden has been captured on video…Despite North Korea’s threats, Guam’s tourism was up five percent over the weekend…And sex workers in Amsterdam have created Netherland’s first official prostitute cooperative(via WaPo, USA Today and NYT)
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 EAGLE SPORTS: Matt Harvey will start tonight’s game for the Brooklyn Cyclones at MCU Park in Coney Island.

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