Brooklyn kids go to Sesame Street and visit characters at MSG

February 22, 2017 Jaime DeJesus
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Brooklyn kids got to go to Sesame Street!

Around 30 young students from Brooklyn’s SCO Family of Services, an organization that provides services and unconditional care to more than 55,000 of New York’s most vulnerable people and a partner of the Garden of Dreams Foundation, were able to spend time and do some activities with their favorite Sesame Street characters.

On Wednesday, February 15 at the Theater at Madison Square Garden, Elmo and Grover spent time with the kids and made bracelets in preparation for “Sesame Street Live: Make A New Friend” which premiered the following day.

“Children from Garden of Dreams Foundation got to hang out with Elmo and Grover and made friendship bracelets together,” Rachel Dresner, performance director for the show told this paper. “It was a fun event to have kids come out, have a great time with friends and interact with Elmo and Grover. I always love seeing how kids react to Elmo, who is a rock star to a lot of kids and see him interact with them.”

Along with meeting their heroes, they also made bracelets with them. “They had a great time making the friendship bracelets for Grover,” she said. “They were also interactive and were playing games. They were having a great time.”

SCO Family of Services operates more than 80 programs at 120 locations, including Sunset Park; most of the kids at the event were from a location in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The Garden of Dreams Foundation also offered each child tickets to the show, which runs until Sunday, February 26.

According to Dresner, the idea of making bracelets and sharing fits the theme of the performance. “The show is about making new friends and including friends that you already have,” she said, adding that a new character named Chamki is welcomed to Sesame Street. “A new friend coming from India who speaks a different language and is from a different culture comes and it shows everyone can play together. That was the theme of the day and our show.”

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