Resurfacing of Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge to begin next week

August 11, 2016 Anna Spivak
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Make way for a re-pave.

Beginning on Tuesday, August 16, Fourth Avenue from 65th to 85th Streets will be prepped for a full resurfacing, says Community Board 10.

For a minimum of two weeks, in preparation for paving, crews will be milling the 20-block section of Fourth Avenue.

“They begin the process by milling the street,” explained CB 10 District Manager Josephine Beckmann. “They remove the top layer of asphalt and then the city gives utility [companies] the opportunity to make any necessary repairs. Once it is paved, it becomes a protected street and becomes more costly to repair.”

While specific times for the scheduled work have not been announced, Beckmann maintains that the majority of the work is done during evening hours. Additionally, the road has not seen an overhaul in over 10 years, according to Beckmann.

“Post milling, the city will come in and pave and then do street markings,” Beckmann said. “It is oftentimes a little difficult during the milling process. It’s noisy and we tend to get complaints but we will end up with a beautiful, new street.”

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), “much of the work is done at night in order to minimize disruptions to traffic. Although DOT takes steps to minimize the inconvenience, milling requires trucks, special machinery and portable lights. To minimize disruption, machinery is fitted with noise reduction equipment and crews attempt to keep noise to a minimum.”

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