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Court teaches summer interns resume and interviewing skills

July 27, 2016 By Rob Abruzzese Brooklyn Daily Eagle
The Brooklyn court’s summer interns got a crash course in resume building and interviewing skills during a workshop on Tuesday. Pictured from left: Charmaine Johnson, who runs the internship program, Christopher Tropea and Lisa Mangal. Eagle photos by Rob Abruzzese
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Internships are intended to teach and prepare students for the job market, and the Kings County Supreme Court Student Employment and Internship Program did exactly that on Tuesday when it held a workshop on resume writing and interview skills.

The workshop was run by Lisa Mangal, a senior court analyst, and Christopher Tropea, a senior court clerk. The duo used their extensive experience to explain how they got their jobs and passed on those tools to help prepare the students.

“This workshop is probably going to be the best workshop you will have all summer,” Tropea said. “The importance of resume writing, as well as interview techniques, you will take with you from now until you find that job that you will have until retirement.”

Mangal and Tropea began by explaining what a resume is, why it’s important, what’s on it and detailing exactly how to write one. The students learned the importance of having a professional email address, a good cover letter and why they should avoid the “wingdings” font.

The students were also prepped on how to interview. They were given pointers on how to prepare themselves for an interview, how to handle certain types of questions and how to stay positive. Mangal and Tropea also demonstrated techniques for practicing for an interview.

Their final tips were: be prepared, arrive on time, be ready to discuss anything in a resume, avoid personal issues, make the most of the time to ask questions and stay positive.

“We do this to prepare you for the job market,” Tropea said. “If you get anything from this workshop, it’s to be prepared and always be positive, and you guys will be fine.”

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