Detective Anthony Venditti honored at harbor launch at Brooklyn Army Terminal

July 18, 2016 Jaime DeJesus
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The New York Police Department (NYPD) has honored a fallen officer 30 years later.

The NYPD Harbor Unit honored late Detective Anthony Venditti and honored him by naming a boat, the NYPD Harbor Launch #454, after him.

Venditti was killed in the line of duty during a shootout while investigating the Genovese crime family on January 21, 1986.

The ceremony, held at Brooklyn Army Terminal, Pier 1 on Friday, July 15, was attended by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, officers, religious leaders and Venditti family members.

After prayers conducted by Deputy Chief Chaplain Monsignor Robert Romano, Bratton discussed Venditti’s impact while on the force.

“Detective Anthony Venditti was an outstanding and proud member of the New York City Police Department,” he said. “During his all too brief time, he was one of the very best officers on this job. When he was appointed in 1972, he immediately started to prove himself as an outstanding force of good in the city and the department.”

Before being promoted to the rank of detective in 1984, Venditti was initially assigned to the Bronx, where he established himself as one of the top cops in the city. He was later assigned to the Organized Crime Task Force, which focused on illegal gambling and mafia case enforcement. “This task force was a combined level of all law enforcement to eliminate the destructive influence of organized crime, an earlier form of terrorism in our country,” added Bratton. “He was truly one of New York’s finest and gave his life for this city, his department and this country. But he was more than just one of New York’s finest. He was a devoted devoted father, brother, husband and son.”

Commanding Officer of the Harbor Unit Inspector David Driscoll discussed both the use of the boat and the honor of having the Venditti name on it. “It’s a great honor for us to be naming one of our launches in honor of your father, your son, and your husband,” he told the Venditti family of the 45-foot boat. “The Detective Anthony J. Venditti will be engaged in critical roles across the harbor with a multitude of missions from search and rescue to special events to various counter terror initiatives and while engaged in these activities, it will proudly bear his name prominently.”

Venditti’s mother Anna was honored by the ceremony. “For me, the naming of this magnificent high tech launch bearing my son’s name is the ultimate tribute,” she said. “Having all of you involved and seeing it come to fruition humbles me. My heartfelt wish is that those of you assigned to this launch in whatever capacity should feel honored and be proud to serve under its name.”

She also discussed her son’s passions such as music and boats. “Just before he died, he had mapped out a route to get to the Hamptons by boat and was looking for someone to go with him,” she recalled. “He told me of some of the dangerous currents he would have to go through and I couldn’t do it. To this day, I regret having denied giving him that wish.

“How could we anticipate that this beautiful son would be slain in the line of duty by members of organized crime?” she went on, stressing the lack of closure. “How could we anticipate the injustice of three state and two federal trials without a conviction for his murder. To this day, his death remains unresolved.”


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