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Adelphi Science Fair brings out inventive side of students

May 24, 2016 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Regina Levy’s experiment explored whether the dye in Kool-Aid and grape soda could be extracted using space sand. Photos courtesy of Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn
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Students put scientific methods into practice at Adelphi Academy of Brooklyn’s Annual Science Fair, an all-day event featuring dozens of inventive projects put on display to be marveled at by classmates, parents and guests inside the John Lockwood Auditorium Theatre. 

The students presented their findings to teachers from Adelphi’s Math/Science Department, including resident scientist Jeffrey Cavorley. Prizes for first, second and third place will be awarded for the most creative projects in each grade level (Lower, Middle and Upper School) at the academy’s upcoming Student Awards Banquet on June 1.

The projects brought out the students’ creative sides.

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Kylar Wang researched to find the most effective methods of cleaning coins. Beckie Tin measured the speed of light using a microwave oven. Milana Gurevich studied the effect of density on fruit. Regina Levy explored whether the dye in Kool-Aid and grape soda could be extracted.

Samantha DeBrusk’s science project was an attention grabber. She used advanced programming and an understanding of robotics to create a robotic arm that she was able to control and maneuver.

Other projects included “Measuring Your Taste Threshold,” “The Electrolyte Challenge,” “Do All Liquids Evaporate at the Same Rate?” and “How to Make a Lava Lamp.”

“Students in grades pre-K through 12 displayed and presented on a wide variety of scientific subjects, from the creation of robotics that used advanced programming to density experiments and assorted sociological studies, to citizen science projects, many of which were associated with environmental issues,” Cavorley said.

“The Annual Schoolwide Science Fair is always a highlight of the academic calendar at Adelphi,” said Head of School Iphigenia Romanos. “Students put tremendous effort into using Adelphi’s state-of-the-art science laboratory and researching, designing and presenting their projects, under the guidance of Mr. Cavorley, who always encourages them to be unique and creative with their hypotheses.”


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