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Cops investigating Bay Ridge animal poisonings

March 2, 2016 By Paula Katinas Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Bay Ridge lawmakers, Parks Department officials and civic leaders joined together to reopen a dog run in Dyker Beach Park in 2014 to give canines a safe play to play. Local pet owners are alarmed at reports of animal poisonings. Eagle file photo by Paula Katinas
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Someone is killing helpless animals on the streets of Bay Ridge.

The NYPD confirmed that it is investigating allegations that a serial animal killer is on the loose.

“There is an ongoing investigation being conducted by the Animal Cruelty Investigation Squad into allegations of animal poisoning within the confines of the 68th Precinct,” an NYPD spokesperson told the Brooklyn Eagle via email.

The 68th Precinct covers Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

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News of the NYPD’s involvement was first reported by Arnold Diaz on PIX 11 on March 1.

Two local residents, Brian Baglioni and Anna Scollazino, began sounding the alarm over animal cruelty several months ago.

Scollazino told cops that she found three dead cats and dozens of dead birds in the neighborhood, Brooklyn Daily reported in November.

Baglioni was so alarmed at the rash of deadly incidents that he set up a video camera on his fire escape.

On Jan. 18, the video camera captured images of a man using a pole to knock a bird feeder out of a tree outside Baglioni’s apartment building. The man removes birdseed from the feeder and then leaves the scene. The man is seen on the video returning approximately 20 minutes later and pouring a bright green liquid from a container around the base of the tree.

The perpetrator has been pouring what seems to be anti-freeze on the ground and into bird feeders at several locations, according to Councilmember Vincent Gentile, who added that the individual has also been mixing shards of glass with cat food and dog food and leaving it on the sidewalks next to trees for animals to eat.

“The incidents have occurred between 88th Street and 93rd Street from Ridge Avenue to Fourth Avenue during late-night hours,” Gentile said in a statement. “This individual doesn’t belong on the streets of Bay Ridge‬‬. He must be found, brought to justice and registered as a convicted animal abuser.”

State Sen. Marty Golden said he has also heard the disturbing reports.

“I am joining many Bay Ridge residents who are horrified and angered that this criminal action against animals is happening on the streets of our neighborhood. This community will not tolerate the systematic killing of animals and the person responsible for the inhumane poisoning of birds, squirrels, cats and dogs must be stopped and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Golden stated.

Golden expressed confidence that “the NYPD will apprehend this malicious individual and prevent further harm to animals and eliminate the public health threat.”

Both Gentile and Golden urged anyone with information to call the 68th Precinct at 718-439-4211. The lawmakers also said residents can call their offices to report any suspicious activity. Gentile’s office number is 718-748-5200. Golden’s office can be reached at 718-238-6044.

“I commend Mr. Brian Baglioni and his citizens group for spreading awareness about these horrific incidents,” Gentile said.

In 2014, Gentile secured city funding to renovate a dog run in the Bay Ridge end of Dyker Beach Park, on Seventh Avenue and 86th Street, to give man’s best friend a safe place to run and play.

This week, Gentile shared the video shot by Baglioni with the news media, asking people to call police of they recognize the individual. The video was broadcast on PIX 11.

The shocking video can be viewed here:

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