St. Ephrem’s baseball award ceremony is a hit

January 28, 2016 Jaime DeJesus
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They are the champions!

Coaches, families, elected officials and community members gathered at St. Ephrem’s new hall, now named after the retired Monsignor Peter Kain, on Sunday, January 17 to continue the tradition of the school’s baseball award ceremony.

The day, which recognized sluggers and hurlers in the making from kindergarten to the eighth grade who participate in the league run by St. Ephrem School, was deemed a success, according to Sylvester Sichenze, commissioner and coach.

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“The ceremony went great. We have them every year, usually in October, but couldn’t this time,” he said, citing repairs being made to the space. “Over 300 people showed up for the award ceremony. Both the kids and parents had a great time. We follow the same tradition every year.”

The day started with 10 a.m. Mass. Afterwards, attendees gathered in the hall where they were treated to food, drinks and of course award distribution. Everyone that participated received a trophy.

“What’s great about it is that it’s open to the entire family. It’s nice that grandparents, aunts and uncles can come along with the parents,“ Sichenze said. “It means so much to the families. You get to see excitement of parents taking pictures. It makes me wish that I could go back to those days.”

For the children in attendance, receiving the awards was only part of the excitement. “Getting together with their friends and hanging out meant the most to them, I think,” Sichenze said.
State Senator Marty Golden and Councilmember Vincent Gentile were also in attendance to see the young players celebrate with their parents. “Families were happy that they were there,” he said.

Although Sichenze enjoyed the entire ceremony, the recent graduating class returning to the school to receive their awards was a standout moment for him. “The eighth grade students who graduated rarely come back because they’re in high school the following fall,” he said. “This year, everyone came back. It meant a lot and it was gratifying to us that they came. I think they have a love and affection for school. Having such a strong presence from the graduating class was a highlight.”

Sichenze also wanted to credit coaches and personnel. “Two people that really helped me are John Lavelle and john Reilly. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” he said, happy that the day was enjoyed by all. “It’s a great thing for the kids. It’s a tradition for a reason.”

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