Tense, low-scoring game pits Falcons against Saints in PYO action

December 3, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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PYO Saints 6 vs PYO Falcons 3

One of the toughest games this season was between the Falcons and Saints. No team reached sacred ground on a touchdown. Only field goals were scored. Vincent “the Enforcer” Delgatto kicked one for the Falcons and Alex Katten tapped two in for the Saints, giving them the win. This confrontation was all defense and everyone gave 100 percent.

Quarterback Robert “Sure Thing” Knapp of the Falcons moved the ball down field a few yards at a time, using running back Jadin “Ice Man” Goodman and a slick pass to William Soued. But, the Saints’ defense led by Christian “Hammer Time” Cosme, Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld and Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro refused to yield any Parkville soil. The best the Falcons could do was a three-point field goal. The Saints fared no better going up against Robert “Sun Dance” Ferraioli and Alphonse “Meat Grinder” Russo. Russo was brutal, racking up three tackles and two sacks.

In the second quarter, Ryan O’Connor ended the Saints’ advance, making an awesome interception. But the battle for Parkville turf continued, highlighting some of the most outstanding players in the league, “Torpedo” Hockfeld, Gerry “Pit Bull” Haak, “Hammer Time” Cosme and “Tombstone” Hockfeld of the Saints. The Falcons sported some of the league’s fierce players as well, like “Sun Dance” Ferraioli, Joshua Vega “Bone Crusher” Tsitsushuclt and “The Enforcer” Delgatto.

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The Saints received their wake-up call late in the third quarter and hit the boards with a three-point “Wolfman” Katten field goal. In the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Saints ended a grueling battle down field with another “Wolfman” three pointer that would ultimately win the game. Quarterback Jhomar Bennett, running back “Torpedo” Hockfeld and Joseph Desaro get full credit for putting the Saints in field goal range. The Saints took home the bacon and the close win.

The Ravens and Stealers fought hard to a 12-all tie in their recent encounter. Quarterbacks Jaylis Cruz and Gabe Richardson did a great job and are improving each week. Some other players improving each week were Ethan Veliz, Saad Sandu, Lucas Giocoli, Aiden Paredes, Husnain Sandhu and center Thomas Robert Fegan.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

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