Bicyclist in critical condition after collision in Bensonhurst

August 24, 2015 Anna Spivak
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A 64-year-old bicyclist was run over and dragged approximately 35 feet after colliding with a tow truck in Bensonhurst on Sunday, August 23.

According to police, the truck had been stopped at a red light on Bath Avenue at Bay 25th Street. When the light turned green, the truck began moving and the man—riding his bike eastbound toward Bay 25th—also proceeded through the intersection, against the traffic signal, colliding with the truck.

The cyclist was thrown off his bike, run over by the vehicle, and dragged along until the driver was flagged down by bystanders. An NYPD spokesperson said that the man remained pinned down by the tow truck until he was extricated by FDNY.

Cops also stated that the man was not within the marked crosswalk when he collided with the tow truck. He was removed to Lutheran Medical Center in critical condition having sustained multiple spinal fractures and other fractures to his body.

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