Raiders best Giants in PYO action

February 19, 2015 Robert Cavaliere
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There is no doubt that the Parkville Youth Organization Raiders were on top of their game in their confrontation with the PYO Giants.

Early on in the first quarter, Robert “Pay Dirt” Lay took the punt return on the 45 yard line, fighting tacklers all along the way to sacred soil. The Raiders got possession after the Giants failed to score and moved the ball to the one. Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld muscled his way from one yard to score the Raiders’ T.D.

The highlight of the second quarter was an awesome TD pass from Raider Tylor “TNT” Martinez to Charles Corbin. The half ended with the Raiders on the sunny side of an 18-zilch ballgame.

The third quarter was a grueling defensive battle that kept everyone off the score board. The Giants sported Sakye Mercado (five tackles, one fumble recovery), Justin Burgos (six tackles, one sack), Jake Roth, Joshua Vega, Angelo “Smok’n” Gonzales and Vincent “The Enforcer” Degatto (six tackles).

The Giants came back in the fourth quarter when Douglas Knapp hit Joshua Vega with an awesome pass that put them on the 15 yard line. They were unable to score because of the Raider defense with a brutal goal line stand.

The final nail in the Giant coffin was when Jason Hockfeld blocked their last pass attempt. The Giants sparkled when Mercado intercepted a Raider pass and cashed it in for a six-point touchdown and prevent a Raider shutout.

Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere
Photos courtesy of Robert Cavaliere

Daniel “Bone Breaker” Dasaro recovered a Giant pass attempt in the end zone, adding another six points to the Raider tally, making it 24 to 6. In the final play of the game the Giants had possession and attempted a Hail Mary pass but Tylor “TNT” Martinez put the kibosh on that dream.

The Raiders’ defense was in top form and shattered the Giants’ offensive attempt.

Among the outstanding players during the game were Dasaro (four tackles, one sack), Jonathan “Tombstone” Hockfeld, most feared by his opponents (four tackles, two sacks), Jhoman Bennett (three tackles, one sack), Corbin (four brutal tackles), John “Pit Bull” Martinez (three tackles), Tylor “TNT” Martinez (three tackles) Christian Cosme (two tackles, one sack), Jason “Torpedo” Hockfeld, Patryk Szustka, Marco Alicea and Lay (two tackles each).

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