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Remembrance Ongoing: Brooklyn Bridge

February 9, 2015 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Few icons in the world have the affection and sheer recognition factor to equal the Brooklyn Bridge.

For those who haven’t read the David McCullough masterpiece, “The Great Bridge,” or seen the Ken Burns documentary, just take our word for it: this bridge is an international landmark, a thing of beauty that still does its job 24/7.

The late Norman Rosten, award-winning novelist and one-time poet laureate of Brooklyn, told the Brooklyn Heights Press in the mid-’80s: ” I take comfort from the fact that I live around the corner from the most beautiful bridge in the world.”

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Even Emma Lazarus mentioned the recently completed bridge in her epic homage to the Statue of Liberty, “From her beacon-hand/ Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command/ The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.”

Other literary pieces have used the bridge as a muse, such as Hart Crane’s “To Brooklyn Bridge,” and Michael Dunbar’s “Upon The Brooklyn Bridge,” which reads, “The King of Bridges, radiant,/ Agleam in lunar glow,/ Mystic arches, silver strands,/ A moonlit festive show.”

While the bridge was first opened and crossed on May 23, 1883, many Brooklyn and Manhattan residents celebrate the anniversary each year through tours, readings and shows.

For more photos of the Brooklyn Bridge go to, leading up to the May 23 anniversary of the opening of Brooklyn Bridge, follow ongoing tributes on our website.

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