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You Say You Want A Revolution: Hendrick I. Lott House, 1940 E. 36th St.

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August 27, 2014 By Lore Croghan Brooklyn Daily Eagle
This is landmarked Hendrick I. Lott House in Brooklyn's Marine Park neighborhood. Those are some tall trees.
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This city landmark partly built in 1720 should be ready for public viewing before the snow flies — or at least the grounds should be.

The landscaping work at Hendrick I. Lott House, which the city Parks Department has been working on for a looong time, should be finished in two months, a worker at the property recently told Eye on Real Estate.

The stunning Dutch Colonial house is at 1940 E. 36th St. in Marine Park (it’s in the neighborhood, not the actual park). It looked good when we stopped by, with walking paths laid out on a verdant grass lawn and its two-century-old shade trees in fine form.

The construction-fence gates were open, so we stepped in to chat. We walked only where the worker said it was okay to do so.

Metal fences need to be installed along the sides of the lawn, flowers must be planted and final touches must be made to the house exterior, the worker said.

The interior of the historic house won’t be ready for community use for another three to five years, though, said Stuart Mont, who’s on the board of trustees of the Hendrick I. Lott House Preservation Association.

Mont owns Wyckoff-Bennett Homestead in the Madison section of Brooklyn. 

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