Generally Speaking: Is your R train subway ride worth only $1.60?

August 8, 2014 Theodore W. General
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Do you feel cheated when you ride the R train to and from work or shopping? According to the recently released Straphangers Campaign AnnualState of the Subways reportLooking at the group’s website, for its ratings on how much rides are worth on the various subway lines, we found theyreviewed each line taking into consideration lateness, cleanliness, breakdowns, seats available during rush hours, and PA announcements.Using this formula, they also rated the N Train as only worth $1.60.

No one line earned the full fare of $2.50.The highest ranking line in their survey was the 7 Train, worth $2, and the lowest rated line was the 2 Train at $1.30.The D and Q lines scored a worth of $1.40.

We frequently use the R and N trains and have found them been very dependable, with good announcements, and fairly clean.We do agree it’s tough to get a seat during rush hour unless you start out at 95th Street in Bay Ridge for the Rand Stillwell Avenue in Coney Island for the N; or at their terminal points in Queens and Manhattan, respectively.

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Since we were heavily involved, actually co-chair of the Bay Ridge Sesquicentennial Committee marking the 150th Anniversary of the renaming of this area as Bay Ridge from Yellow Hook, we took a couple of days to go back to the hometown of my parents in Shamokin, Pennsylvania to see how this small city was doing its Sesquicentennial.

While greater Bay Ridge — primarily all of Community Board 10 — has a population of over 125,000, Shamokin — once rich in anthracite coal, a large garment industry and former headquarters for the National Ticket Company — now only has a population of 7,374.

In 1864, Shamokin was established as a borough in Northumberland County.Unlike our borough presidents, the head of its government had the quaint title of chief burgess.In 1950, it was formally designated a third-class city headed by a mayor.

However, despite its small population, Shamokin was able to pull out all the stops for its 2.2 mile Sesquicentennial Parade.The colorful parade included three large-size Mummers bands, Miss Pennsylvania 2013, volunteer fire departments, Knights of Columbus in full regalia, floats galore, vintage bicyclists, two large Shriners groups buzzing around in mini cars, bagpipe and marching bands, and a horse drawn old-time beer wagon from the Yuengling Brewery, reportedly the oldest beer company in America.

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