Editorial: Continuing Brooklyn’s Boom

June 11, 2014 Editorial Staff
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Attracting the Democratic National Convention to Brooklyn would be a huge boon to the borough, bringing with it not only the attention of the whole country but also a significant economic boost from which the borough, and the city as a whole, would certainly benefit.

Brooklyn has already proven that it can play host to major events. In just the last year, Barclays Center – where the mayor has proposed holding the convention – has welcomed the MTV Video Music Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

We hope those are just the beginning and that more and more event organizers – including the Democratic National Committee — recognize the significant benefits that holding an event in Brooklyn brings with it.


The proliferating clothing bins that seem to be appearing on streets all around Brooklyn are as unattractive as they are misleading.

The huge containers, which sometimes show up overnight on street corners and at dead ends, are often graffiti-ed. They are also often overstuffed with used clothing (and other items, as well), sometimes to the point where they are surrounded by bags of used shirts and shoes and other detritus, some donated, some dumped.

To make matters worse, many of them are placed by for-profit companies.

While area residents think that if they drop off items, they are contributing to organizations whose main goal is to help those in need, in many instances, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

And, in fact, it turns out that putting such containers on city streets is illegal. However, city laws as they currently exist are too lax. Now, after the containers are ticketed, companies that put the bins out have 30 days in which to move them before they are seized, so many simply leave the bins where they are until the last minute, then pick up the “donations” and the bin, dropping the bin somewhere nearby, so the whole cycle can start again.

We urge the city to close that loophole – the sooner the better.

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