Pro Bono Barrister: Cohn’s Seneca Club Ready for June 19 “Salute to Stars”

May 27, 2014 By Charles F. Otey, Esq. Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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Is the Seneca Democratic Club of Kings County our oldest political club? Will it be breaking, or building upon, its record of longevity when it holds its 150th Annual Dinner on June 17 at Giando on the Water?

As Steve Cohn’s esteemed partner Richard Goldberg might reply, “So who’s counting?!”

Those who are looking for an answer this question may be there that night when Seneca leader attorney Steve Cohn sponsors his very popular “Salute to Elected Officials and Community Stars.”

What is Steve’s formula as he guides the Senecans to another popular celebration, drawing under his tent true community leaders as well as a significant cadre of powerful elected officials and business leaders?

Why is this annual Seneca dinner — as well as Steve’s big “Pumpkin Cheesecake” shindig, held each year at Junior’s on the Friday before Election Day in November — one that aspiring political and civic figures, as well as erstwhile business leaders, feel they must attend?

There are several reasons. First, Steve and his team, led by President Gerald Esposito and state committeewoman Linda Minucci, put together a program that recognizes everyday citizens, along with elected officials and leaders in education and business.

Also, as host emcee, Steve’s practice is to always pay respectful homage to volunteer groups and representatives, such as Daryl Barlow, the Tillary Park Foundation; Richard Mazur, North Brooklyn Development Corp.; and Susan Anderson, Townsquare.

Will there be political notables? Of course. Over the years, Steve’s June dinner and the November “Pumpkin Breakfast” have drawn governors, senators, mayors and assemblymembers.

In addition, there will be those in attendance who have sought Steve’s guidance on the “way up.” The most recent example is Mayor Bill de Blasio, who started attending the “Pumpkin Party” when he ran for City Council.


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