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De Blasio: NYC is ready for pre-k program

March 25, 2014 By Jonathan Lemire Associated Press
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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is touting his administration’s readiness to implement universal pre-kindergarten this fall.

The mayor announced Tuesday that the expected pool of those applying to become pre-kindergarten teachers in September should top 8,000.

That is more than the 1,000 de Blasio says the city would need to handle an expected 53,000 new students.

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The city would need another 1,000 teachers the following year when the program expands further.

De Blasio’s announcement comes just days before the state budget is due. Pre-kindergarten funding is a contentious portion of the debate in Albany.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he does not want to send cities predetermined amounts for pre-kindergarten. He wants to allocate the money based on a city’s readiness to start a program.

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