Theater Review: “As Bees In Honey Drown” by the Heights Players

March 12, 2014 Editorial Staff
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An aspiring young writer is victimized by an alluring con artist. Will he accept his fool’s errands or stand and fight?  It’s a variation on the old proverb, “Once bitten, twice shy,” for the Heights Players and “As Bees in Honey Drown.”

Director/Set and Sound Designer Bernie Bosio is well known in Brooklyn and Queens (The Phoenix Players, etc.). He consistently provides intense and intelligent theatrical interpretations on both sides of the footlights. Bosio is currently at the helm for this voyage into the self-absorbed world of show business.

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An extremely talented cast of young actors playing multiple roles keeps the audience guessing until the story’s final climax. Newcomer Scot Cahoon portrays Evan Wyler, a writer who is easily seduced by manipulative and beautiful Alexa Vere de Vere.

Cahoon’s character is naïve and fragile. Yet he concocts several surprisingly aggressive acts of vengeance. The object of his revenge, Ms. Vere de Vere is played by Kathryn Stevens.

She is absolutely a delight to watch as her various cons unfold. Her mannerisms, vocal affectations and malapropisms are too enticing to resist. After all, true swindlers don’t try to earn your trust. Instead, they trick you into proving that you are trustworthy!

Fiery redhead Megan Lee is swaggering and confident in all of her roles. It’s a very successful and appealing stance. Confident Kate-Olivia O’Brien also fills at least half a dozen roles. Her accents and physical gestures are equally engaging.

Hapless Mike Stabinsky (Mackenzie Knapp) just wants to paint. Too bad he has hitched his wagon to deceitful Alexa. Didn’t he know her as unpolished bumpkin, Brenda Gelb? Well, she’s left him flat now. Perhaps his luck will somehow change for the better.

Show biz-savvy Morris Kaden (Teddy Lytle) has been burned by Alexa’s schtick. Yet he has succeeded in the biz despite this shameless humiliation. Lytle offers a charismatic vulnerability that fits nicely with the cast’s overall message.

Nods to behind-the-scenes support which include but are not limited to Leo J. Contrino (lighting design), and Marialana Ardolino (stage manager).

This sophisticated satire runs weekends through March 16 at 26 Willow Place in Brooklyn Heights. For this and future productions call 718-237-2752 or surf to [email protected]. As always, save me a seat on the aisle.

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