Etiquette Boss: Don’t just wing it

February 26, 2014 Phillipa Morrish
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RESTAURANT ETIQUETTE:How to Eat Chicken Wings correctly

If you have you ordered chicken wings as an appetizer, you will observe that most portions come in a combination of drumettes and flats. Have you picked up the flat sections of the wing, eaten all around the center, while leaving chunks of meat in between the bones?

Not only is much of the chicken is wasted, but it is not an admirable sight when eaten in this manner. Here is the correct way to enjoy those wings without leaving half the meat on the bone.

Pick up the flat part of the wing with both hands and pull off the cartilage at its wide end. Now twist gently in between both thumbs to pull out the small bone from the wide end. Twist the wing again in the same manner and pull out the larger bone. Place the meat in your mouth and eat in one or two bites. You can now enjoy the entire boneless wing.

If the serving includes dip and celery sticks, please observe the “no double dipping” rule. Some people think it is okay to double dip if they turn the celery stick to the unbitten end. This is not acceptable either, as their fingers were in contact with that end while having the first bite, and dirty fingers can contaminate the sauce as well.

The best way to deal with sauces is to take a small plate and scoop out the desired amount. You can double dip from your personal saucer to your heart’s content without causing offense.

BEAUTY TIP: I found this 1901 beauty tip fascinating, and thought it might be fun to share it. In Portugal, it is said that ladies who wanted to rejuvenate their sagging busts, traditionally boiled two whole small oranges (organic) in a pint of olive oil for three or four hours. The boiling must be done in a pan that is set in another pan of water. At night, a piece of the boiled orange is gently rubbed over the bust. A few weeks of this nightly treatment is said to produce firm busts.

Phillipa Morrish is the president of Etiquette Training International.

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