Sweethearts celebrate decades of love, at Brooklyn Borough Hall

February 14, 2014 Mary Frost
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Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams hosted a Valentine’s Day celebration of love, both mature and young, during his Sweethearts party at Borough Hall on Friday.

BO Adams hosted a catered reception, including wedding cake and sparkling cider, for over 70 couples married for 50 years or more; those in attendance came from the Starrett City Senior Center as well as communities across the borough. The event also included music and a photo booth, which BP Adams invited newlywed couples at the Marriage License Bureau to utilize as well.

“You’re going to help us keep Brooklyn a healthy place to live to raise children and families, all over the borough,” said the Borough President to the loving couples. “It’s about One Brooklyn, one energy, one spirit and the spirit of giving back, the spirit of loving each other and the spirit of the dedication and commitment that goes with being married for fifty years. This is something we find special and hold dear. We believe that you hold the key to the intergenerational communication that our young people need. I hope you will join me as part of this team to teach young people how to hold onto their marriages, their families, and to have a productive life.”

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The Valentine’s Day reception was co-sponsored by HealthFirst as well as Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Moy, who donated cake for the event. Additionally, students and staff of I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro helped greet, serve and entertain guests.

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