BPL celebrates Take Your Child to the Library Week

January 28, 2014 Editorial Staff
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“Take Your Child to the Library Week” begins Monday, January 27 through Saturday, February 1.  With 60 Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) locations, it is almost impossible to avoid this week’s celebration, which aims to introduce children of all ages to their local resource for free assistance with their homework, fun activities, meeting new friends, and learning new things.

Among the many exciting activities taking place are “story times” and “Lego and Duplo Time.”  Programs like these allow children to have the opportunity to explore and build freely.  Instructors provide materials and offer different craft-building tutorials free of charge.

Come out and see why BPL has everything your child needs to be more successful in school while exploring their interests.

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For more information on concerts, programs, activities and assistance, visit bklynpubliclibrary.org.

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