Star of Brooklyn: Alan Dubrow

January 8, 2014 Editorial Staff
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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Community Board 12 member Alan Dubrow is not new to the field of volunteer work. Rather, helping out the neighborhood is second nature to him.

“I was always involved in various community work,” said Dubrow.

Dubrow is a part of the board that represents the neighborhoods of Midwood, Kensington, Dahill and Borough Park. The mission of the volunteer panel is to advise elected officials and government agencies on matters affecting the social welfare of the district. In addition, the board usually handles complaints regarding potholes, missing or damaged signs, malfunctioning street lights, and missed garbage collection.

Dubrow was chair of CB 12 from 1990 until 2011, when he lost the election for chair to Yidel Perlstein. But, that didn’t deter Dubrow from remaining a member of the board that he has been a part of since 1978.

Not only is he involved with CB 12, but he also does his share of voluntary work with Ocean Parkway Community Development Corporation, a housing and merchant association in the neighborhood that was established in 1978.

Dubrow, who also served as a member of the school board in Community School District 20 for many years, is also the president of the executive board of the Community Mayors of the state of New York.

PERSONAL LIFE: At times, community work may conflict with his personal life. Dubrow understands that sometimes conflicting schedules are inevitable and as result sacrifices of his own personal time have to be made.

“You give up a little bit of family time,” said Dubrow. “You can’t make everyone happy.”

But even when volunteer work conflicts with the amount of time he spends with loved ones they still remain supportive. Dubrow claims that his family and friends are part of the reason why he is involved in community work.

LOOKING AHEAD: As far as the future goes Dubrow plans to stay active and help out wherever his assistance is needed. He knows that the need for community work never ceases.

Dubrow may have done more than enough when it comes to community service, but it is far from being a burden to him.

“It’s rewarding, I feel like I’ve given back,” said Dubrow. “I take pride in it, I’ve helped maintain and improve the community.”

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