Endurance race brings out spirit of competition

September 17, 2013 Editorial Staff
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Over 2,000 racers and spectators joined forces at the Aviator Sports & Event Center on September 14 for a race that highlighted both strength and endurance over a long course with many obstacles.

The Civilian Military Combine NYC Metro Urban Assault Race took participants along a multi-mile course with military-type obstacles interspersed. Those who chose to take part could go for a more or less demanding route, based on their own preferences.

Alan Lynch tackled an obstacle.

Keith Gornish, the CEO and one of the three co-founders of CMC with Sean Rogers and Matt Keller, described the Civilian Military Combine as “ the ultimate race.” Gornish depicted CMC as the supreme combination of athleticism, patriotism, military obstacle course racing, and the best of functional fitness.

According to Gornish, the main focus of CMC is to promote teamwork, camaraderie, and a positive and fun environment, and overall to honor the men and women who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces. He noted that most of the CMC staff are veterans and emphasized that the ultimate reward for CMC members is to see the faces of those who are crossing the finishing line and expressing their pride and accomplishment.

This is the fourth time that Rebecca Alexander – who suffers from Ascher’s syndrome type III, a degenerative loss of hearing and vision -- participated in the Civilian Military Combine event.

For many, participant Rebecca Alexander is a great example and a source of inspiration. She is a real go-getter girl. Diagnosed with a disorder called Ascher’s Syndrome Type III, a severe degenerative loss of hearing and vision, she keeps her enthusiasm and energy levels up high and is ready to defeat any obstacle or challenge that crosses her way, according to organizers.

Thirty major sponsors unified their power behind CMC. One Team One Fight is one of the major sponsors and also a charity partner of CMC. It represents the 31 Heroes project and the NAVY SEAL Foundation. Their common goal is to work with CMC and use athletics to raise donations to give to families in need, especially to veterans.

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