Award-winning journalist, John Noel, dies at the age of 62

June 6, 2013 Editorial Staff
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John Noel, an Emmy-Award winning journalist who was also recognized as Man of the Year at the 2012 Kings of Kings networking event, has left a remarkable legacy for younger television reporters following in his footsteps.

Noel, 62, a Brooklyn native, died on June 5 of complications from brain cancer. He had worked since 1998 as a general assignment reporter covering local and national events for “News 4 New York,” receiving several awards for his accomplishments as in the case of the New York State Broadcasters Award and the Tenants Council of Brooklyn Award for Excellence in Broadcast Television.

A Brooklyn College alum, Noel was also recognized with the Distinguished Record of Achievement as a broadcast reporter, presented from the City Comptroller’s Office.

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Throughout Brooklyn, those who personally knew him offered their sincerest condolences.

“Noel’s dignified, intelligent and professional approach to his craft set an example for our entire community,” said Councilmember Jumanee D. Williams, identifying with Noel “as a fellow Brooklynite, [of] Grenadian-American [descent] and alum of Brooklyn College.”

“He was, indeed, the embodiment of the dreams of the pioneering ‘soldiers without swords’ from the early days of the Black press,” Williams added.

Noel was treated at Lutheran Medical Center. He is survived by his parents, ex-wife and a daughter.

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