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US government files morning-after pill appeal

Judge Korman vehemently against delay

May 13, 2013 From Associated Press
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The government has filed a last-second appeal that will delay the sale of the morning-after contraceptive pill to girls of any age without a prescription.

The appeal was filed shortly before a noon Monday deadline.

Brooklyn federal Judge Edward Korman says politics is behind efforts by Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to block the unrestricted sale of the Plan B pill.

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Justice Department lawyers had asked for a stay of the month-old decision while they appeal.

Korman denied the request but postponed the enforcement of his order to allow them to take the matter to a federal appeals court.

Earlier this month, the FDA announced the contraception could be sold without a prescription to those 15 and older. But Korman’s ruling removed age limits.

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