EXCLUSIVE: Adelman’s Deli is closed, but for how long?

April 11, 2013 Heather Chin
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One of the last true kosher delis in Brooklyn has locked its doors, disconnected its phone, and covered its windows with paper —Adelman’s Kosher Delihas closed.

But is it closed for good?

According to a family friend of owner Mohamed Salem, the answer is no.

“There has been a change in ownership and the new owner is doing renovations,” they explained to this paper. “Currently there is no [timetable] for reopening.”

It is unknown who the new owners are for the over 60-year-old kosher deli that was originally founded in Borough Park before moving to its current long-time location on the border between Midwood and Homecrest, at 1906 Kings Highway. It is also not known for sure whether they plan to keep the space as a traditional kosher deli.

That is partly why regular customers and neighbors have been panicking ever since the store didn’t reopen as expected after Passover ended on Tuesday, April 2. A week later, people are still walking up and pulling at the doors, then trying to get a peek inside before shaking their heads and walking away.

“We were shocked,” said Noreen Wittlin, a life-long Bensonhurst resident who has been going to Adelman’s for over 10 years and called this paper after discovering the closed storefront during a lunch trip with friends. “I love the food and also the sports pictures on the wall. Their chicken and their pastrami and french fries [are my favorites].”

Even neighboring business owners were baffled. At the adjacent Met Food, manager Francisco said that “everyone was surprised” when Adelman’s windows were papered up. “There was no notice. We have no idea what happened.”

Eleanor R., a 63-year Midwood resident, gave voice to the rampant speculation going on due to the fact that there is no “Closed For Business” or “Closed For Renovations” sign up.

“I heard that either the owner couldn’t make it work or they were raising the rent. I don’t know,” she said. “It’s sad. The people that ran it were lovely, very accommodating, very friendly. Any time a place of that length [of time and history] closes, there’s a sense of nostalgia.”

Wittlin is hopeful that her favorite local deli will still be around and says that if it is, she will keep coming. “If it’s a new owner,” she said, “you’ve got to give them a chance.”

A search ofDepartment of BuildingsandDepartment of Healthrecords shows that there are no problems on record. Theirwebsiteis also still up and running.

Adelman’s is one of the last three traditional kosher delis in Brooklyn. The other remaining two are the Mill Basin Kosher Deli on Avenue T and Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli on Avenue U.

Other recent closures and changes of ownership over the past two years to beloved Brooklyn mom-and-pop shops have included Cangiano’s (closed), Leske’s Bakery (relaunched and expanded) and Hinsch’s (relaunched as Mike’s Hinsch’s) — each with differing levels of success.

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