New York Law School launches new public service scholarship program

February 11, 2013 New York Law School
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New York Law School (NYLS) Dean Anthony W. Crowell announced the creation of a new scholarship opportunity for members of New York City uniformed services and other dedicated public servants. 

The program will recognize public servants for their commitment to the City of New York by providing three full-tuition scholarships and 12 half-tuition scholarships to qualified candidates.

A resident of Downtown Brooklyn, Crowell told the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that this program is one in a long line of changes NYLS is making.

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“By creating a scholarship program that will allow public leaders to come and grow in their profession, NYLS is not only assisting in their careers but also increasing the value of our institution,” he said.

The Public Service Scholarship Program will provide three full-tuition scholarships and 12 half-tuition scholarships to be distributed among candidates from New York City’s uniformed services and those who work in the city as public servants at the city, state or federal level.

 “Having people with a background in public service … having that perspective in the classroom is of enormous value,” said Crowell. “We hope that bringing even more leaders into the classroom who will diversify the conversation will assist in opening our students’ eyes to other available career opportunities.”

“With the creation of this scholarship program, New York Law School is making a sound investment in the uniformed workforce of our city by helping to increase the education available to our members,” said Fire Commissioner Salvatore J. Cassano.

Eligibility is based on undergraduate GPA, LSAT score, and demonstrated commitment to community service.

Crowell addressed concerns that the scholarship could prevent recipients from receiving grants or other types of loans geared towards easing the financial burdens of those pursing advanced degrees in the field of public service.

“This is a very generous we are offering,” Crowell noted. “This does not, however, negate the opportunity for those persons working in public service from getting any other kind of scholarship. The more that we can offer to ease the burden the better we can make NYLS by diversifying classroom views.”

“The more education and training our members receive, the better we can fulfill our duty to protect all those who live in and visit New York City,” Cassano said.

Potential applicants are invited to attend a special information session at NYLS on Thursday, Feb. 28 at 6 p.m., 185 West Broadway.

 Charisma L. Miller, Esq., contributed to this article

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