Donna Maxil, community activisit and star of Brooklyn

February 7, 2013 Shaunder Renaud
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COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: A community activist for years, Donna Maxil is recognizable by her love and passion for helping others and giving back. As council president of the 72nd Precinct Community Council, getting the community more involved with the precinct is one of her duties.

“Our meetings are fantastic, well attended. People have been praising our precinct, as opposed to the past,” noted Maxil. “I’ve been doing this for many years, and in the past it’s been mostly complaints and a little praising, and it’s a pleasure to hear — last month it was all praising, not even a 311 complaint and it’s just a pleasure.”


CAREER: After years of working on the PTA at P.S. 124 — the school Maxil herself attended as a young child — she eventually became a paraprofessional, and is now parent coordinator.


AWARDS: Throughout her career, Maxil has received over 15 awards. Last march, Maxil and her daughter were recognized as two of Brooklyn’s Extraordinary Women by Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes. Maxil said she felt honored because, according to Maxil “This is the first time my daughter and myself, as a pair, were on their extraordinary women list.”


PERSONAL: Maxil is divorced. She has two children, a daughter, Melissa, 35, who is director of the 17th Street Cancer Crusade and a son, Christopher, 21, an auto mechanic.


BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Maxil, and her daughter, formed an organization called the 17th Street Cancer Crusade, in which they work alongside the American Cancer Society, in raising money to help find a cure for cancer.

“We have raised over $7,000 and last year was our seventh annual Cancer Crusade, and I have to say that’s the biggest achievement because while we are planning and doing this, it takes the involvement of our core group, a group of family and friends,” noted Maxil.

“It involves the community because without the community this is impossible and it involves all our elected officials, our precinct, everyone in the area,” she concluded.

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