Tiny apartment for $2,100? It ain’t Brooklyn, it’s Williston, North Dakota

January 10, 2013 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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If you think the rent is too damn high in Brooklyn, at least you don’t live in the North Dakota town of Williston.

With an oil boom hitting this town of 30,000 in the northwest corner of the state, NPR reports that the lack of space currently available is making the rents reach New York City levels. It’s a classic case of supply and demand. While the town is booming with workers, there is still only one department store and the nearest city is reportedly two hours away. 

NPR says that “Williston is in this weird situation. People are reluctant to move here until there are more places like stores and restaurants. But it’s hard for those stores to open until there are more people here.”

So until more people populate the town and neccessitate more building, the rent is going to be north of two grand a month. If your rent in Brooklyn is high, at least you’re not paying that money for a one bedroom in North Dakota.

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