Second shot at Halloween!

November 6, 2012 Editorial Staff
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Halloween Walk at Owls Head Park becomes a drop off location for donations

Mission accomplished. Actors who populated the Haunted Walk at Owls Head Park on Saturday, November 3 did a great job of scaring the little and not-so-little ones who walked through it and came out crying.

For the 17th year, Chip Cafiero, Charles Pomaro, Pierre Salameh, Tony Travis and Chris Beeson have been producing a wonderfully well-put-on alternative to trick-or-treating.

This year, however, was somewhat different. With a storm on its way, and just days before Halloween, the organizers were forced to make the difficult decision of postponing the event for days. Saturday, November 3 became the only chance for many to celebrate Halloween, after Hurricane Sandy whipped the city.

Props had to be set up twice; “we had to pull down everything and set it back up,” noted Cafiero, but even after losing many volunteers because of the storm, the show still had to go on.

“No smiling,” Cafiero told the ones entering the walk. “Nobody will be smiling when they walk out!”

This year, the haunted walk had at least seven fewer sets, Terry Manteo told this paper. Manteo, a volunteer from Dyker Heights for the past six years, was dressed as “the good witch,” as she held the youngsters’ hands and guided them through.

“I like to see everyone come out and have a good time,” she added, and Mark Z. seemed to like it. “It’s scarier than other haunted walks. It’s great.”

For Kevin Turner, acting as “Captain Forgettaboutit” at the end of the Haunted Walk, it’s “all about making a difference in the community.” Originally from New Hampshire, Turner volunteered his time because he says he gets to express himself.

The Royal Express was a popular attraction among babies and toddlers. There was also a pumpkin patch, inflatable rides, a DJ playing funky music and a Fairytale Forest.

Among the visitors was Linda Gentile with her seven-year-old triplets and a four-year-old. Originally from Brooklyn, she currently resides in New Jersey, but with her power out, she presently is staying with her mom in Brooklyn, so the five of them made their way to the talk of the town.

“My favorite ride of all is The Incredibles,” said Francesco, one of the triplets, “it’s the longest!”

Donations were collected for victims of the hurricane. “Everyone loves everybody,” noted Justin Chu, 15, as he dropped off chicken noodle soup cans. “I’m here for the community. Just being a good Samaritan.”

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