What would Brooklyn teacher have asked at debate?

October 23, 2012 Brooklyn Eagle Staff
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Christopher Warren, a music teacher at P.S. 153 in Brooklyn, got a close up view of both President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney when the debated each other in a town hall setting last week at Hofstra University.  

Warren, an undecided voter, was selected by the Gallup polling organization to sit in the audience at the Oct. 16 debate. He was never called on by moderator Candy Crowley of CNN. But he said he was prepared with a question in case Crowley called his name. His question was, “If elected, will you support the arts programs in America’s elementary schools?”  

While he never got the chance to ask his question, Warren did get to meet both presidential candidates after the debate. He also got both men to autograph his debate program.  

Carl Santa Maria, principal of P.S. 153 at 1970 Homecrest Ave., said he would like to find a place to display the autographed program.  

“The debate has historical significance and what better way to tweak young students’ minds in civics, politics, and good government than to have this valuable memorabilia standing before them?” Santa Maria said.  

To Warren’s delight, President Obama also wrote a special message in the debate program: “Go P.S. 153.”

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