Burglary arrest leads to suspect being charged with more thefts

October 23, 2012 From New York Police Department, DCPI
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On Thursday, Oct. 18, police from the 76th Precinct responded to a call of a burglary in progress at the Abilene Bar, 442 Court St.

When they arrived, an employee told them that she saw a man trying to enter a secure liquor storage area, but when he noticed that he was being watched, he fled.

Soon, according to police, officers began to canvass the area. While going from door to door, officers found a man who fit the same description entering TRY Rae’s clothing boutique at 430 Court St. and trying to take money out of the cash register.

They arrested the suspect, Suspect: Rochard Woods of 237 Nassau St. in the Farragut Houses and charged him with burglary and petty larceny, according to police reports.

After conducting an investigation, police also charged him with the following incidents:

* Stealing money from a laundry at 355 Smith St. on Oct. 5. Woods was charged with burglary.

* Stealing money from the Izakaya on Smith restaurant at 176 Smith St. on Oct. 10. Woods was charged with petty larceny.

* Stealing from Zaytoons, 283 Smith St., on Oct. 13. He was charged with burglary in this instance.

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