Museum suspends dance parties at First Saturdays

October 9, 2012 By Raanan Geberer Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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For the past 14 years, Target First Saturdays (originally just First Saturdays) have been one of the main attractions of the Brooklyn Museum.

In these free monthly events, organized on a separate theme every months, museum-goers are treated to films, live music, lectures, gallery walks, food, a cash bar, and, toward the end of the evening, a giant dance party with a live band. To many, if not most, visitors, the dance party is the highlight of the entire evening.

Well, the museum has no plans to end Target First Saturdays, but the dance parties have, in the words of the museum’s blog, been “put on hiatus.”

According to Museum spokeswoman Sally Williams, the main reason was that the Beaux Arts Court, where the dance parties have been held, just isn’t big enough to hold that many people. Attendance at First Saturdays has increased over the years to the point where it’s now about 20,000, said Williams, and “the majority of those people go to the dance party.”

“There will still be music at First Saturdays,” she added, “but it will be music for listening.”

Comments posted on the blog showed a mixed reaction to the development.

“Zyxy” commented, “The dance party at First Saturday is a premier event in Brooklyn among people who love to dance … This is a huge loss for the Brooklyn dancing community.”

Terrence Mills posted, “First Saturday is the best thing that ever happened in bklyn. Thank you I have met celebrities and hopefully my future wife lol.”

On the other hand, “Jenee from da Block” wrote, “I for one am happy to see the dance parties go. I loved the music and the idea, but they were a crowded mess of people who just wanted to show off and stand around. If that many people want to go to the Museum and wear their Sunday finest, than the least you can do is support the museum with a membership.”

And Patrice Leach commented, “I am very happy that the Museum has elected to make a change. I was shocked and affronted to hear the DJ ask the audience at the July Dance Party, ` How you [expletives] doing?’ not once but twice.”

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