A memorable summer internship in TV broadcasting

September 20, 2012 By Henrietta P. Cartwright, Brooklyn College For Brooklyn Daily Eagle
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This summer Brooklyn College student Henrietta Cartwright participated in a once-in-a-lifetime internship with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation. Below, Henrietta describes her summer experiences:

My interest in programming began in 2007. I was enrolled at the College of the Bahamas and at that time was developing a show for young kids to listen to on the radio. As I continued my education, I developed two more series, this time not for radio. I had a newfound love for television production.

I’ve been a student at Brooklyn College since fall 2009 and each semester I would put off applying for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation internship. During the end of 2011 I felt that this was something I had to do; I had to apply for this internship in the programming category. During early spring (2012), I began the application process. I knew that if given the opportunity, this internship would change my life. I got the call a few months later and was told that I’d been accepted into the program. There was no way that I would give up this opportunity of a lifetime.

I was placed in a group of interns who were all eager to soak up this wonderful experience. The TV Academy Foundation served as a guide and provided the structure we needed to use our time wisely and to make the most of our experiences and connections. I was placed with my host company at USA network and the support there was remarkable. Everyday was a day to learn and explore; it was definitely a hands-on experience. I shadowed the show Necessary Roughness and was given the opportunity to see just how much goes into the creative process.

It is my goal to be a part of network television programming. I realize that there is a lot of research that would be needed to be successful in programming, knowing viewer’s preferences and also the need to inform them on various matters. My goal is to be current, creative, relevant and informative.

During the course of my eight weeks as a TV Academy Foundation intern, I’ve attended workshops, connected and socialized with other interns, many of whom will be friends for a lifetime and I’ve made contacts in the industry that are willing to aid in my professional development. I really couldn’t ask for anything more. With a community that is so supportive it would be crazy of me not to go out there and fulfill my dreams.

This experience has confirmed so many things I believed for myself and I’m more certain now that programming is right for me. This internship has opened the door for so many possibilities for me and I hope to make valuable contributions in the television industry.

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